16 Innate Multiple Intelligences

Every Person Can Be A Genius!

Every Person Can Be A Genius!

16 Innate Multiple Intelligences are based on genetics, neuroscience, multiple intelligences and dermatoglyphics (fingerprints only)

1.Interpersonal Intelligence

– Person who likes to interact and cares about people

2. Planning & Judgement

– Person who can keep their promises and find ways to accomplish the task.

3. Intrapersonal Intelligence

– Person with a strong willpower, independent and meticulous

4. Creation and Imagination

– Person who can invent, able to outline goals and vision, willing to take risks.

5. Logical reasoning

– Person who are good in abstract thinking, numbers, languages that uses understanding, classification and analysis to learn

6. Spatial and Mental Image

– Person who can visualize in 3D form, has a good sense of direction.

7. Language Expression

– Person who can describe any event clearly and is great in convincing people.

8. Kinesthetic Intelligence

– Person who are good in using their body language, learn through physical movements.

9. Operation Intelligence

– Person who loves to convey messages through hand gestures.

10. Artistic Intelligence

– Person who has high appreciation of people, things and objects, loves art.

11. Language Internalization

– Person who can easily understand and digest what others are saying, good listening skills

12. Music Intelligence

– Person who loves music and work with background noise or music, can easily identify tones and intonations.

13. Observation Intelligence

– Person who are good at telling people’s emotion through facial expression and are interested in anything connected to nature.

14. Image Appreciation

– Person who has the eye for beauty and get attracted with photos and beautiful people.

15. Concentration Intelligence

– Person who are focus, loves to read books and have good memory.

16. EQ Intelligence

– Person who can manage and control one’s emotion.

Seventh Who can benefit from the DMIT?

Full Content of the Dermatoglyphics Report and our sample Strength Indicator of the 16 Multiple Intelligences

Encycligent is committed to promote awareness and educate masses about the benefits and need of DMIT. We feel that regardless of race, faith or belief, every individual across the globe deserves to identify their intelligences. The earlier they identify their talents, the more successful they will be!

Every Person Can Be A Genius!

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Update on Remaining Pins

We are selling our remaining 3000 pins using the new software. This comes with three scanners and 3 laptops.

2,950 pins includes 3 scanners and 3 laptop

1,000 pins includes 1 scanner and 1 laptop

200 to 500 pins includes 1 scanner. Laptop client provides


• Any lay persons 30 years old and above.
• graduates of any course
• people who moved from one job to another
• people who studied so many thing because they were not guided properly.
• people who have the heart to serve

interested with our test system, please send us a message at 0917 673 0858 with your name or email us at encycligent@gmail.com

All Trainings are free of charge.

Please note this test is not offered to “graduates and licensed psychologists” and medical professionals.

With this situation, we will no longer post who will be our new distributors.

As the hidden talent of the DMIT is acceptance. “licensed psychologists” in the Philippines could not accept the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test or people behind this test system.

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Cisco Networking Course in UST

After quitting dental practice December 1999, my younger brother insisted I should come home and work for the family business. By February 2000, father said go around the office and see which department you like to be in. I moved from one department to another until they sent me to the Payroll department.

No dull moment in this department. This is the only department without a cubicle. Being an auditory person, this department gave me so much hope. The staffs were your friends. I taught them multi-tasking that even if only one employee was left in the office, there will be no pending jobs.

One day, I thought of this credit card company and asked myself, how did banks have several computers with the same data? How can my department have this kind of service? A relative was working for a software company and encouraged me to study CISCO.

I decided to enrolled in UST as my perception with Mapua, a male school. As I have quit dental practice and many of the activities connected with dental charities, I found myself looking for something to do. I decided to enrol for the vocational course and found CISCO was only meant for male students.

For the first few chapters – online quizzes, I got perfect scores. The head of the ECE department was amazed that she enrolled her daughter and saw she also got perfect scores. Professor Amante and Professor Jake were surprised that one of their colleague decided to enrolled his girlfriend to whom also got perfect scores.

In one of our practical exam, my professors were wondering how I was able to finish so early in arranging the color coded wires as they look like color coded root canal files.

Soon after we graduated the two-year vocational course, they offered it to both male and female students as part of their engineering curriculum.

I did use this idea for the payroll department and it existed up to this day.

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Time Out : Stand in the Corner – Effective?

During my practicum in Special Education, we would normally asked our sped students to stand in the corner as a way to punished them. I sometimes saw the children were actually happy to do just that. Some of them play by themselves and could not stand still. Now I know, there are some people who prefers to be alone rather than be with people.

If the child is innately sociable, time out or stand in the corner feels like ages while a child who innately prefers to be alone would surely appreciates it.

Take our test with 95% accuracy.

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For Children, Play is Work

When I was taking up Education as my second career, I learned from Dr. Sison when children are playing they are in comparable to working adults.

Little Jerome was two years old then. His uncles and aunties would always place him on top of the table and let him play.

His uncle would deliberately pushed his papers on the floor to see how little Jerome will react. To the child since play is work and children are imitator, Jerome found his aunt in her working table. He did exactly what his uncle did. He put his hand on her papers and slide it down to the floor thinking its the correct thing to do.

Uncle and his dad came and spunk him and the child got confused. A child usually imitates what adults are doing at a young stage.

This child matured early. If only what parents knew how a child learns.

If Play is work for children similar to working adults and after work, adults want to go out jamming with friends (auditory), play basketball (kinesthetic) or watching movies (visual).

So, how about the children, take our DMI Test and find out what your child preferences. 95% accuracy and taken only once in your life. Does your child prefer to go into arts, music or sports?

All teachers from Wisdom Light Christian Academy already took their test, how bout yours?
For more details, please call 742-2201

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ADHD – Kinesthetic learner or Just Out of Focus?

I met Marty aged 9 years old. His grandparent wants to know Marty’s strengths and weaknesses. He sat still while I was scanning his fingerprints. I gave instruction only once and he was able to understand immediately.

His report showed he is an audio-visual learner with low logical reasoning.

Marty’s mother Melissa said her child was diagnosed as a child with ADHD and could not speak. She noticed her son seemed to be not interested in sports. Loves to be around people

ADHD actually stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For Attention Deficit, it is not something that one can say it is special as so many people are out of focus.

Hyperactivity Disorder definitely not for this child. It could be the reason why a person or a child throws tantrum because adults could not understand him.

With a special education background, post graduate courses on special education curriculum must be revised.

We always assumed a child tag with special needs such as ADHD is a kinesthetic learner and that the child can learn via one-on-one similar to having a shadow teacher.

He was always asked by the occupational therapist to run for at least an hour prior to studying his lesson.

Note: within the month, the child starts to speak some words and now taught all visual.

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Quick Change

When I first saw this child, he was very focused on reading his comic book, his parent was calling him as it is his turn to take the DMIT.

He could not let go of his book, he goes with it as if it is his security blanket.

One day, We went to a mall and instead of comic book he was holding his ipad, not sure if he was playing or watching a video.

Watching his ipad while walking and probably thinking he could master walking up the escalator while looking at his ipad until his parent refrimand him.

When the results came out, his parents allowed him to read his own report and the child said, see… I told you I am not into sports. He was I heard tagged as a child with special needs.

Again, innately logical thinking is not his strength but because of the environment and the people around him, he was able to acquire the logical reasoning.

Two months after, he no longer holds a comic book or his ipad. He prefers to play with other kids than being alone.

According to his DMIT report, he can become one of our top performing artist as his parents already sent him to a school to enhance his musical abilities and if time allows, he can also become an actor.

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Noli Me Tangere / El Filibusterismo

Noli Me Tangere is a noble written by our national Hero, Jose Rizal. I wrote this today because a few weeks ago, I was book shopping in National Bookstore and saw it. I bought one but haven’t had time to read it. In truth, why did I bought this book, because I do not remember anything about this wonderful novel as when I was in High School, teaching is more focus on teacher center classroom: memorization without understanding.

Since we need to speak three different languages in one day, English, Pilipino and Mandarin in school, I have a hard time understanding the subject. And through the DMIT I found out for me to really absorb learning is to have a lively teachers or teachers with sense of humor.

How do we make our Filipino class lively, something that any person with a specific learning styles can appreciate. As I was browsing on the net, I found out that majority of the books of William Shakespeare was written for theater purposes.

How about a theater like Noli Me Tangere for students in high school. DMIT can help teachers group students according to their innate abilities and work as a team. They can be group of 5 or 10 students. each has each own speciality. Who can lead, a planner, actor, singer and one who can direct.

I think going to school to watch a theater play will really make it exciting for students to want to study and retain whatever knowledge they can get from that class.

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Geometry Teachers

When I was in High School, I could not see the point of studying Geometry. My teacher was a Chemistry graduate and I remembered her always saying “You cannot do two things at the same time.” probably chatting with classmates and at the same time copying notes from the blackboard.”

A teacher to be effective, they must be able to relate what they are teaching outside of their books.

In Dentistry, we have two years of practicum by getting grades from patients who will allow us to practice on them. A whole year of hospital dentistry where we go to a school’s hospital inside the emergency room and see what’s in store for us when we graduate.

In Special Education, we have a semester of practice teaching in a special school, how bout a year of practicum for real estate broker course before they graduate? three hours every other day as geometry is also used in Engineering courses.

Since real estate course is just new in this country, maybe schools can get real estate broker course to teach geometry with fresh new ideas.

I encountered many salespersons who do not know what to look into if they have a new inquiry or buyer of their unit or condo.

In teaching the high school students, real estate broker student can also learn from them. In what way, as a teacher, they can have field trips sponsored by real estate properties and students can write improvement comments and write a one page activity diary.

These comments can also be send to the real estate companies for references.

The students gets grades from comments and analyzing a land or space.

the real estate student broker can learn from the students and can gradually choose the right real estate company to work for and once real estate companies decided to hire the real estate brokers, training will be faster.

I enrolled in three to four real estate seminars but every time I already paid for it, I will either be too sick to attend the event, had to suddenly go out of town with my parents, or just too busy to attend. One time I finished the seminar and on my way to PRC to apply, something came up and I could not register for it. Classmates in this seminars teased me for wanting to collect PRC Licenses having two already.

Heaven does not want me to become a real estate broker. Take our Genuine DMIT test with 95% accuracy and find out what career best suited you.

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Question on The Owner of Encycligent

Yesterday while I was out with some friends, I learn something old and something new. Old because of hearsay of the credibility of the US Patent Holder on the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test system. New because I went to their new living space.

Old news to clear the name of Professor Lin and his team:

Initially when I started with the DMIT business, many questioned my status for not being connected with medical doctors because I have not told anybody that I am a Dentist as per instruction by Professor Lin. According to Professor, children are usually afraid of people in white coat.

When they learned I am a Dentist, the next question when they look at the report was “why? are you teacher?” I answered Yes.

It stopped for awhile. Then I created the job title DMIT Consultant as I am less than a year in the DMIT world. When I was interviewed, they also questioned my title and even misspelled my name publicly.

    The acronym CEO means Chief Executive Officer was created by the Americans and the acronym MD means Managing Director was created by British people. All new job descriptions were created from something. wikipedia.

Next, my nationality was also questioned by the same people, though I told them am a natural born Filipino with Chinese ancestry, they still insist I am Chinese with sarcasm on their voices.

    News excerpt from Manila Bulletin headlines dated June 10, 2015 titled Stronger PH-China ties
Not just between two countries but also people to people

Not just between two countries but also people to people

Then they asked when was it patent and was very disappointed that it is still very far from re-patent the test system.

    I went to the Intellectual Property office in the Philippines and asked can this test system be re-patent in the Philippines? According to them, No. Only the patent holder of the test system can re-patent it as it is not a new invention. Since Intellectual Property Office is considered international, it also follows international standard laws.

    This is the reason why if you are applying for a new business name, DTI for sole proprietors or business partners checked your application whether the name you chose are already existing in other countries even same sounding is not acceptable

Then on the show itself they produced a palm and posted it online, as prior to their interview, I already knew some people planning to patent Palm reading in the Philippines. When I got the test system, I already knew Palm reading is fortune telling Professor Lin and his staffs and team has already informed me before hand. I never questioned it as I trust they did their own study.

For the second time, I was interviewed, they asked me to invite a client meant for human resource, as the client was really amazing soon after she took the test, from a mere employee became a manager in less than 6 months and a higher salary, the interview was never shown or aired. My client even went out of her way to look really presentable but both of us were really disappointed.

Then came the launch of Encycligent when Professor Lin was in the Philippines, he was now being questioned of not being able to speak a single English, how was he able to patent it in the US?

    It is like asking a foreign national joining an international beauty pageant who is not an English speaker on how they won their title outside their country. If we do watch this kind of contest, we will notice some of the contestants have interpreter.
    There are some products being sold in the Philippines was patent in Japan but not sold in Japan but meant for the purpose of another company outside Japan, but it does not mean that the owner of the patent has to know Japanese language.

The integrity of the Intellectual Property Office is exceptionally great for inventors.

Then, the same company who interviewed me for the second time questioned the book report as not being “grammar correct” as they say and ask to have a book report for editing, since I am not an English major, I let them but turned out the integrity of this company is now in question, since last year up to this time, they could not return my book report to me.

The book report was translated by an Asian who graduated in a University in America. They did not have any issue with the “grammar” prior to offering the report to the Philippines.

Then they questioned the need to release the formula of Professor Lin for use with Human Resources. Someone gave me an advice:

    Keep your trade secret, if I release the formula, it is like giving away my business for free, not just mine but for the rest of the clients of Professor Lin.
    met someone who is interested with the Genuine test system and according to them, its similar to Cohen Diet, send your profile to the US, then they will send you a list of things for your diet but it will not show how one analyzed it.
    an inquiry from my website and now using the test system and according to her, what is important is the report itself, the accuracy. Formula not important to them.
    if you apply for a school and was not accepted, do they tell you how they analyzed it?

The DMI Test is no longer in question. It is not a written test, not psychological test, no interview, not a medical device.

Now I understand why Professor Lin was looking for the same kind of fingerprint that I have. Loyal fingerprint.

Hope this will clear questions on Professor Lin and his test system.

Thank you for all our readers.

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Best Logical Reasoning Teachers

If you are a graduate of a 4 year college before taking the Education courses and passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET), you will automatically be given a subject to teach. Like for me, it is meant to teach science in high school.

Acquiring skills need to start them young, would it be great if our primary teachers for logical thinking are lawyers who are educators. Lawyers can teach children to become street smart.

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