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Every Person Can Be A Genius!

A recent study from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta demonstrates that the brain does not stop developing during the adolescent stage. Truth is, our brains continue to develop at our 20s.

This research now debunks the long-held belief in the medical communities that human brains stop developing during adolescence. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology.

This recent research supports the idea of taking the Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test not just in the early stage of childhood, but up until the adulthood. But would you want to know your strengths and weaknesses of the latter stage of your life? I bet not.

It is good to learn one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well his hidden and latent skills and talents during his early stage of life. Taking the DMIT as young as 2-years-old will allow any parent to help their children develop and master their innate skills as well as discover new probable skills.

It has been proven that the foundation of learning of a child should be started from birth. Thus, taking the DMIT at an early age is really advisable.

Thus, this should not prevent the adults from taking the DMIT. Knowing your innate learning styles, skills and talents, and even at the latter stage of your life is nt bad at all. There will always be room for improvement. You can still learn, enhance, and even master them.

Learning, living, and working in an appropriate and acceptable environment will establish a fondness to a person which will take along to his own happiness and fulfillment as an individual. Being a genius is not confined to one’s intelligence. Recognize your Sun, Moon and the Stars, pursue that, and be happy!

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