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Have you heard of the latest trend in the whole world? 16 Innate Multiple Intelligences? Knowing your innate strengths and learning styles? Who can benefit from this new phenomenon?

dermatoglyph do you know how

Do You Know How to Maximize Your Potential

1st, lets talk about the latest trend which is the 16 Multiple Intelligences. It was based on the study of 8 Multiple Intelligences through the use of the Dermatoglyphics Multiple intelligence Test System.  Surprisingly, the basis of the test is our own fingerprints.

Encycligent Hands

Encycligent Hands

2nd, What is Dermatoglyphics? Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints. The scientific word was invented by Dr. Harold Cummins from the greek word Derma which means skin and glyph meaning carving.

3rd, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a tool that helps an individual understands their innate potential, learning styles and personality. It is a tool to discover human brain potentials, innate characteristics, strengths and weaknesesses, learning styles as well as working styles in the corporate world.

DMIT is based on genetics and connection between human brain, . The test reads the brain information, understand ones’ natural talent and analysis of the multiple intelligences by dermatoglyphic method.

4th, DMIT is based on your genetics (DNA), neuroscience (brain functions), multiple intelligences and dermatoglyphics (fingerprint).

5th,validity of the DMIT : Fingerprints are already formed while inside the womb, unique and permanent. There are no two fingerprints alike. During the second trimester of pregnancy, they found the brain and the fingerprints are forming simultaneously.

6th, how fingerprints are formed: stress during pregnancy can change the formation of the fingerprints.

Fine hair called lanugo starts at the cowlick or “puyo” of a person. The swirl of your puyo will become the shape of your fingerprint.

Lanugo will disappear on the 20th week of pregnancy and will be part of the solid particles inside the amniotic fluid with the rest of the old baby’s skin.

Amnoitic fluid consists of 98% water and 2% salt. The fluid will swirl around the fetus’ hand and brain and the rest of the body and it will help in the formation of the fingerprints.


7th, even twins, fingerprints are different as the length of the umbilical cord is also different. no two umbilical cord are of the same length. The amount of blood a fetus receives while inside the womb will also help in the shaping of our fingerprints.

1-umbilical cord

8th, there are more than 16 kinds of fingerprints and these are some of them:

16 Type of Finger Print

9th, since we have 10 fingers, we have 10 innate multiple Intelligences as shown below, each finger is connected to each brain lobes.

Relationship of Our Brain to Our Hand

Relationship of Our Brain to Our Fingers

10th, the 16 Innate Multiple Intelligences and some of their traits that can be seen on a person.

Every Person Can Be A Genius!

Every Person Can Be A Genius!

10th, people who already took our DMIT test and their testimonials.



A recent study from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta demonstrates that the brain does not stop developing during the adolescent stage. Truth is, our brains continue to develop at our 20s.

This research now debunks the long-held belief in the medical communities that human brains stop developing during adolescence. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology.

This recent research supports the idea of taking the Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test not just in the early stage of childhood, but up until the adulthood. But would you want to know your strengths and weaknesses of the latter stage of your life? I bet not.

It is good to learn one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well his hidden and latent skills and talents during his early stage of life. Taking the DMIT as young as 2-years-old will allow any parent to help their children develop and master their innate skills as well as discover new probable skills.

It has been proven that the foundation of learning of a child should be started from birth. Thus, taking the DMIT at an early age is really advisable.

Thus, this should not prevent the adults from taking the DMIT. Knowing your innate learning styles, skills and talents, and even at the latter stage of your life is nt bad at all. There will always be room for improvement. You can still learn, enhance, and even master them.

Learning, living, and working in an appropriate and acceptable environment will establish a fondness to a person which will take along to his own happiness and fulfillment as an individual. Being a genius is not confined to one’s intelligence. Recognize your heavenly bodies Sun, Moon and the Stars, pursue that, and be happy!

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